Killing and NonKilling Religions

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This paper takes a stand that killing religions are mostly associated with modern-day terrorism.Non-killing refers to attitudes and actions intended to prevent or stop international acts of killing human life. This is a term that seeks to speak against violence, and it promotes a peaceful co-existence. Non-Killing can be used to refer to a religious belief that does not advocate violence. Examples of such religions include Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, etc (Docker, 2008). These are regarded as non-killing religions because their teachings advocate against violence. Take for instance in Christianity, the bible teaches that if a person hits you on one cheek, then give him another cheek to hit. This means that a Christian should not take any retaliatory measures, such as paying violence with violence (Docker, 2008).Killing religions on the other hand advocate for the elimination of anybody who goes against its command. An example includes a religion that supports the murder or killing of people, who do not ascribe to its values (Pallmeyer, 2003). Controversy exists on whether Islam is an example of a killing religion or not. This is because there have been different interpretations of the teachings of Islam. One interpretation is of the need to kill anybody who does not practice Islam. Another hand, other Islamic scholars argue that this is not correct. This is because Islam seeks to embrace other religions (Docker, 2008). However, this is an issue of debate. In a nutshell, while most Muslims view religion and morality as a means of achieving peace, few of them see violence as a means of achieving it. The group views jihadists as an aberration of Islam that offers little more than oppression, religious police, veiled women, and disavowal of modern science.Christians (Nonkilling Religion) believe that God sent Christ to correct the deviations of the Jews. Muslims on another hand trust that God sent Prophet Mohammed, his final prophet, to correct the deviations of the Christians.