Key Approaches of the Negotiation Process

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The potential process for carrying out the negotiation activity to generate a win-win situation for the two parties would also be reflected while the different drawbacks relating to the meeting of the negotiation process and ways of countering such would also be rightly dealt with in the paper. A key approach pertaining to the negotiation process that would contribute in researching the negotiators of the government and the potential of government’s operation related to the development and procurement of GPS product can be identified as the Integrative or the Interest-Based Bargaining approach. The Interest-Based Bargaining Approach contributes to generating a collaborative approach such that both the parties to the negotiation aim in understanding others’ needs to help in generating a win-win situation. Use of Interest-Based or Integrative Bargaining approach helps in the building of trust between the different parties to the negotiation process such that the same helps in understanding the interests and potential of the other party to the negotiation agreement (Spangler, 2003). Garmin Ltd. operating in the United States can be considered as a key competitor relating to the production of small GPS Guidance Equipment. The GPS Products produced by the company contribute to providing street navigation advantages for automobile and motorcycle drivers. Similarly, the company also provides navigation facilities for trucks and also helps in planning for trips. The GPS products contribute to generating effective navigation facilities in terms of generating effective information and 3D imagery pertaining to landmarks, important buildings and also street names. GPS products produced by Garmin Ltd. are enabled with speech technology and also help in generation of real maps helping in generating effective directions to the drivers. Similarly, the GPS products are also enabled with effective features that get linked toSmartphone and also Bluetooth devices thereby enabling drivers for hands-free calling.