Keeping Animals in Zoos and Aquaria

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This essay stresses that the vast majority of zoos across the globe offer breeding programs for some animals that may be either endangered or lacking the capability to find mates. From a conservationist approach, this move helps to restore the diversity of the wild by saving the endangered species. From an animal rights point of view, keeping animals in captivity for breeding purposes helps the animal to pass its genes to its offspring. Medical and ecological reasons may force zoologists to put some animals under captivity, especially if the animals suffer from treatable conditions. Some animals have inherent characteristics that may prevent them from mating and breeding naturally.
This paper makes a conclusion that animals should not be kept in zoos and aquaria for any other purposes other than those that protect the lives of such animals. Modern zoos and aquaria focus on profit ate the expense of the animals’ enjoyment of their surroundings. Animal rights activists and some conservationists oppose strongly, the idea of holding animals in captivity. However, some cases warrant the keeping of animals in aquaria and zoos, especially circumstances that stand to benefit the animal in terms of protection, health, and food. In this respect, animals should not be kept in any zoo or aquarium except when the lives of such animals are in danger. The deciding factor should be the right and benefit to the animal rather than the interest of zoo and aquaria managers.