Juventus FC

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won by Juventus would be handed over to Inter Milan who had finished second in the league behind Juventus and in addition to this Juventus were also relegated, which meant that they were supposed to play in the Serie B which is an inferior league for a club like Juventus, the punishment did not stop there, points were deducted for Juventus even in Serie B.
The whole scandal was discovered in May of 2006 by Italian police who had tape records of football managers and referees trying to rig football games, AC Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio and Reggina were all involved in fixing the games of the Italian league, these are some of the top clubs in Italy and it was really shameful. The fans must have also felt cheated when they came across this shameful incident.
It was found that games were fixed by selecting referees who would favor their clubs, the recorded tapes were heard by the Italian police and it was found out that most games were indeed rigged much to the dismay of all the football fans across the globe.
Luciano Moggi who was the general manager of Juventus back then tried to heavily influence the appointment of referees for top Serie A games, he wanted referees who would favor his club so that they would easily win the Serie A title.
Once the clubs were found guilty it was earlier suggested by prosecutors that Juventus should be sent to a division below Serie B, the prosecutor also suggested heavy punishment for the other clubs involved which also included points deduction. The prosecutor also wanted Juventus to be stripped of their Serie A titles which they had won in the year 2005 and 2006. The initial punishment suggested by the prosecutor was wavered. Reggina stayed in the Serie A but had to face a 15-point penalty and a hefty fine. The club president of Reggina was banned from the game for a few years but this punishment was just a slap on the wrist compared to the punishment that Juventus received.
Juventus were stripped of their titles which they had