Juvenile Justice Written Assignment

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He believes that the kid will improve if given much support and attention when released from the court in order to avoid being reoffended. The defense attorney also believes that the kid can be involved in more productive activities of his family and society in order to make the best use of his energy and efforts. When the kid is engaged in constructive activities of the society, this will help him to divert his energy in helping the society. This will also help Marquese in doing constructive activities thereby developing life skills which may further help him avoid the criminal activities by appreciating the role of order and justice in the society. The defense attorney therefore claims that Marquese lacked the necessary institutions to help him change his behavior. The kid should therefore be provided with relevant institutions that will help him develop life skills and family nurturing in order to engage and concentrate most of his time and energy in the constructive activities in the society. He should also be given moral support and guidance in order to help him reduce time available and discourage such criminal activities. … Marquese is referred to as a frequent flier by the system due to his repetitive acts of criminal offences in and out of the court. He was therefore branded a frequent flyer due to his frequent and repetitive cases in court pertaining to criminal activities especially theft. The system has failed this this child because it has taken much into consideration the nature of the child at home and school so as to help him out of such a situation. This name suggests that the child habit could not be reformed but in reality Marquese can actually transform when subjected to close family support and monitoring. This name shows that Marquese was not given the necessary rehabilitation support in order to transform his behaviors. This therefore indicates the failure of the system to provide the child with the necessary support and psychological guidance concerning his situation. This name also convince the child that he cannot change his behavior. The system therefore failed to understand the actual problems Marquese is undergoing like the abuse of drugs which needs special attention. Marquese was branded with negative names which made him wilder thereby discouraging his change of behavior. Marquese also never received adequate assistance that could help him fit into the society after leaving the court. This child can be rehabilitated because his situation is due to lack of moral guidance and support. This is shown by the arguments of his attorney general. Marquese is said to be a good student in school and he also loves her mother a lot. This child can therefore be rehabilitated through provision of adequate and necessary parental guidance and support of the society in order to engage in productive activities. The child can also transform when