Joining the Police Force

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The police officers take care of the safety as well as health conditions of the jailed individuals. Joining the police force fulfills my dream to make a difference in society. Police officers contribute their fair share to the improvement of the current community relationships as well as other police patrol activities. The police officer writes crime reports whenever an accident crops up. The police officer conducts a rigid investigation of every criminal activity. The police officer responds to calls for help during robberies, rapes, and other criminal activities.
Joining the police force entails mustering mental and physical efforts to accomplish one’s life-threatening job responsibilities (Gerber, 2001). The police officer places one’s only life on the line when he or she answers the victim’s call for help. The police officer’s life is in danger when he carries out an arrest order to capture an individual. The police officer’s life is threatened whenever he chases the criminal elements escaping from a robbery, murder, or other crime scenes.
Joining the police force enhanced the community’s safety and security levels to unprecedented levels. The street gangs have folded up. There is a significant reduction in snatchers within this officer’s eagle-eyed watch. This officer had written lots of police reports needed by the media, insurance companies, courts, and other interested parties. This officer has continually stressed to all parties that he means business in terms of reducing the criminal elements’ illegal activities during the police officer’s challenging peacekeeping tour of duty.
Joining the police force entails sacrifices. The police officer chooses to attend school to further one’s academic learning. The police officer attends schools to qualify for a higher rank. The police officer has to allocate lots of time to study the academic lessons.