John Foster Dulles Politics Against Iran

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In the politics that ensued the Baghdad Pact of 1955 and the threats of losing office faced by Reza Shah by the then Prime Minister of Iran Mohammad Mossadegh, Dulles actively participated in the removal of the Prime Minister from office. Dulles opposed communism and his political policies revolve around thwarting the USSR. This paper explores John Foster Dulles political motives and his policies towards the Iranian Prime Minister, Mossadegh, and one of the supporters of the US, Reza Shah of Iran. The more one learns about John Dulles, the more intricate his personality becomes (Divine, 2007). In the first part of the paper, Dulles political background is touched upon. The latter part of the paper discusses the foreign policies of Dulles towards Iran. By researching on this topic, I have gained insight into the politics that surrounded the US and Iran. Researching on this topic has helped me hone my reading skills and the ability to filter through data. it has also taught me how to extract useful and relevant information and shape it in an essay. Since this is an open research question, I have learned the technique about researching the general, and then zooming in to the picture and exploring more specific topics.
Dulles political insight was enhanced by many events. It is necessary to know the background of his political career in order to understand his politics against Iran. During the Eisenhower government, Dulles has performed many exceptional feats in the arena of foreign politics. His expertise on foreign policy was developed and promoted by exposure to politics from an early age. He was not the first one to pursue politics. One of his grandfathers had remained the Secretary for State during the administration of the US president Benjamin Harrison.