Jimmy Webb

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Jimmy Webb Jimmy Webb exploits the art of song writing in a way to express feelings in the rhythm, lyrics and melody. The instruments rhythm in his songs match what kind of message and plot he wants to portray to the listeners. The song lyrics are easy and simple to understand by most of the listeners. The melodies of Jimmy’s songs provide the mood that is compatible with the lyrics of the story. Like any successful song, Jimmy songs had a basic idea and message he wanted to relay.In his song highwayman, Jimmy had the idea of soul reincarnation that he got after having a night dream of police chase while carrying a gun. He creates the melody, using piano that fit reincarnation of the souls with the song seeming to be timeless (Streissguth 225). He shows that the daily experience should influence songwriting. In the song plot, first Jimmy start by talking about the highwayman giving clear incidence and this continues in the other part of the song. Reincarnation is evident when he says in other part of the song that may be he will become a highwayman again. This gives the song the plot and theme while focusing on different scenes of life and feelings at the time. Reincarnation is clear when he promises to come back again.The rhythm of the song gets better with the rhyming words in the song. With changing tempo of the song in correspondent to the melody puts the song in the right context. The song seems to have a life with combination of melody and rhythm. The song also has predictability in death of characters but uncertainty in what happens to them. The presence of the rhyming words and melody shows the dedication in creating the song including verification to make it perfect.Work CitedTop of FormStreissguth, Michael.Johnny Cash: The Biography. New York: Da Capo Press, 2013. Print.Bottom of Form