JetBlue Airlines

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Other airline companies that JetBlue has formed alliances with include Lufthansa, OpenSkies, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Jet Airways and South African Airways among others. In its effort to maintain strong positive relationship with its clients, JetBlue emulates strong advertising strategies by use of local newspapers, televisions and social media including YouTube and (Laurence, 2008).The company has adopted advertising phrases for example we like you too and unbelievable. As the result of extensive marketing strategies, the company has benefited from strong customer awareness and distinctive positioning aspects that have made it to attain a competitive edge in the market. One of the notable core values that make JetBlue Airline to be the option of US travelers is its strong binding with Customer Bill of Rights. According to the company management, the company has to refund the customer’s funds in the event of a cancellation or delay of flights. JetBlue airlines suffered two major incidents that did not result to any casualty. The first one is the 2005 emergency landing of Flight 292 at Los Angeles Airport. The second one happened on Flight 191 when the traveler subdued the captain and locked him out of the cockpit after a panic attack.One of the major weaknesses of JetBlue Airline is that it does not have large number of hubs as compared to other airlines in the US. As a result, the company is not in a position to effectively compete with its rivals that includes Southwest, Pan AM, Northwest, American and Delta among others. This inadequacy in the number of available hubs for the company to use makes it impossible to attend to most of its customers from various locations in the United States. For instance, the company cannot attend to its customers on the west properly without bringing in the services of