Jealousy and Distrust in LongDistance Relationships

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Penny, 31 years old, is a stay-at-home mother who has a business, while Harry, 35 years old, is a military official. They have two young kids, ages 2 and 5 years old.Penny feels betrayed. She discovered that her husband flirted with other women several times on Facebook and instant messaging, including telling a woman he once courted that he loves her, although in a playful tone. She expresses that she continues to feel the pain of his betrayal because she cries at night and wonders at times if they can still make each other happy. She begins thinking of their differences in values as people, such as her being more practical in life and focused on inward growth, while her husband enjoys material things and being updated with the latest brands and trends. She also feels that she cannot trust him anymore, although she tries to give him enough trust for her to function normally as a wife and to perform her daily life responsibilities. Her distrust motivates her to check his husband’s phones and gadgets for signs of infidelity.As for Harry, he feels that he has not done anything wrong because he did not engage in sexual infidelity and did not want to intentionally deceive his wife. He does not like talking about these old problems because he insists that he is not doing anything wrong to his wife and that he loves her. He is adamant that he intends to stay married and does not want a broken family. He is willing to assure his wife that he will be more aware of his behaviors by being more mindful of the difference between being a flirt and being friendly towards women. He has problems with relationship talks, however, because he does not feel comfortable in verbally expressing himself and he prefers nonverbal expressions of love and assurance.The essay intends to review the literature about related concepts and relational maintenance strategies.