Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award

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In life, I know that one has to sacrifice and work hard in order to achieve ones goals. I take this ment seriously. I have always been an extremely hard worker and a person who is dedicated to improving myself through academic study, music, and everyday experience. I respond to any setbacks I have had by working even harder and increasing my determination.
My name is Juree and I was born in South Korea. I lived there throughout my childhood with my family with whom I am very close. I am very proud of where I have come from and I am also very proud of how far I have come. While living in Korea I always excelled in academics and music. My passion and hunger for music is what has brought me here to America today. Last year I had to make one of the toughest decisions I have ever made. I left my family to travel half way across the world and stay with a wonderful home-stay family. Though I miss my Korean family every single day I am very grateful for the opportunities I am being given in America. I have had to make many adjustments to living in a new country, and even a new continent, but I know that it is all worth it. I know that I am lucky to be here working further on my goals as a flutist.
I have devoted every ounce of my being to my flute. While doing so I have always maintained excellent grades, high standings in all fields, and close relationships with those that I love. I believe that my passion and desire for musical growth and opportunity will continue to be my driving force to the top. I can not imagine a life without music. When Ive been prompted with the question, “What would you do if you couldnt play your music anymore?” I have no answer. Instead, I immediately envision a slate of pure darkness. I literally breathe and dream music. It is as much an essential in life to me as is food and water.
I have written this application letter because despite my hunger, passion, desire and dedication to the flute I need financial assistance in order to go forward. My family has given up so much for me. They make a small salary as Korean teachers. They have invested some of their life savings in order to help me fulfill some of my dreams here in America. My father never had the opportunities they have given me. He also shares a passion for music. He is a clarinet teacher. He has done everything that he could do to see that I was a given an opportunity that he was not. However, there is only so much he can do and I would love to be able to take the financial burden off of my family. This award would mean so much to me. Not only would it affect my life here in America but it would also positively affect 3 other lives back in Korea. My younger sister also plays music and I would love to be the example that a young girl can not only have big dreams but she can achieve them at the same time.
I thank you for your time and consideration for the Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award. It is impossible for me to show you in words how much this award would mean to me and how much this award could help. It is also impossible for me to show you in this document how far I have come in life and how truly passionate I am about my music. I do hope that this letter does however give you a glimpse of my passion, determination, dedication, and gratefulness.