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 Project: Part 5Designing a class named grader. This class has no instance variables. Instead it has at least these five methods or functions:determines if a number is numeric and within a specific rangeloads the values in an array and validates the number determines what the minimum score is in a numeric arraycalculates the sum of all values in a one-dimensional numeric arraydetermines the letter score based on a numeric value between 0 and 100Modify your Part 3 solution by using the methods/functions in the grader class to determine the final letter grade you have to print to the file. All of the other requirements are the same as Part 4. Grader – + Grader() + LoadsArray(scores[]:Real Ref, size: Integer) + ValidateScore(score: Real, min:Real, max, Real): Real + MinimumScore(scores[]: Real, size: Integer): Real + SumArray(scores[]: Real, size: Integer): Real + LetterGrade(score: Real): String + CoronaGrade(score:Real): String First – create the class based on the class diagramSecond – modify your Part 4 module to use this class Rubric Points Score Class module correctly declared .5 Class variable correctly declared and used in main module .5 Class modules and functions correctly used in main module .5 Final score/grade correctly calculated and displayed .5 Appropriate use of global and private modules and functions in class .5 Correct class function/module calls .5 Total 3.5