It’S A Quantum Mechanics Problem Hope Somebody Could Help Me

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The spacing between vibration levels of the CO molecule is 2170 cm‘1 when the carbon and oxygen
atoms are of the common stable isotopes 120 and 160, respectively. a) From this, compute the effective spring constant of the molecular potential V(‘r) (r is the
distance between the carbon and oxygen nuclei). Hint: you will have to consider the reduced
mass ,u = M1M2 / (M1 + M2) where M1 and M2 are the masses of the two nuclei. Also, recall the
spectroscopic convention that energies are given in terms of the wavenumber k (in units cm‘l) of
a photon with energy E = Tick. b) If I change the carbon atom to the isotope 13C while molecular potential V(‘r) remains the same,
what’s the spacing between vibration levels in cm‘l? Science