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Enager’s president, Henry Hubbard set return on asset targets at 12% for the 1992 and 1993 trading periods. In order to minimize return on investment risk factors, he ordered that proposals for new investments should carry a payback value of 15%, on the lower side, in order to shield the company from declining revenues.
This offers consultancies on a number of land issues including planning, landscape architecture, engineering and structural architecture. Its strong points include its ability to conduct environmental impact assessments to investigate sustainability issues. This has made the division get positive responses from the authorities which has smoothened their operations.
Due to the strategies applied at this division including recognising it as an investment center. this means that performance is expressed in terms of profits against assets. The professional services division managed to realize a return on assets of 14.6% for the financial year 1993.
We use this analysis to investigate the internal business processes in order to ascertain its competitive advantage. this is done by analysing its competitive advantage. The main aim of interrogating these internal operations is to create value to shareholders’ investment as well as keeping the business sustainable. The following are the functions of Enager at different production, marketing and distribution levels:
The goods are received at the production outlets or divisional headquarters. two of the divisions, consumer and industrial products, are involved in production of tangible products. This means that they source for raw materials for instance, plastic and steel products, from the producers after order requests have been made through Enager’s head office. The professional service division is a service delivery office which offers consultancies to clients. however, office materials and other utilities are sourced