It Is Managerial Accounting Please Help Me With These Question

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35,multiple choice
pomts each for a total point of 100. Select the BEST questions. Questions 1-30 worth 3 Actual quantity of direct materials used 12,000 gallons
Standard price of direct materials $5 per gallon
Material quantity variance $2,000 favorable The standard quantity of direct material allowed for April production is: A. 12,700 gallons lEGOOX E _: 60000 # 1000 : QDGC
3- 12,400 gallons © 11,600 gallons
D. 11,700 gallons 2. Alka Corporation manufactures industrial-sized gas furnaces and uses budgeted machine-
hours to allocate variable manufacturing overhead. The following information pertains to the
company’s manufacturing overhead data: Budgeted output units 29,000 units 3133/ 2.11am? _ ; O‘K gi , 8 ‘
Budgeted machine-hours 10,150 hours %looo w o. t 3: : 1 .’gt; K 52%0/10‘quot;? .
Budgeted variable manufacturing overhead costs for 10,150 hours $324,800 Actual output units produced 31,000 units
Actual machine—hours used 14,400 hours
Actual variable manufacturing overhead costs $333,250 What is the standard variable overhead cost rate per machine hour? A. $11.20
B. $23.14
£332.00 ‘D.’ $22.56 3. The flexible budget contains A budgeted amounts for actual output
budgeted amounts for budgeted output C. actual costs for actual output
D. actual costs for budgeted output Business