It Is A Microeconomics Question About Equilibrium And Price And Output

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3. Suppose there are ten identical firms in an industry. The cost function for each firm
c(y) = yz
2 + wy
where y is the firm’s output of the homogenous good, and where w is the wage rate
of workers in the industry. Suppose further that w = 1.9Qs, where Qs denotes total
industry output.
(a) Find the industry supply function assuming symmetry.
(b) Suppose market demand is QD = 6 – p, where p is the output price. Find the
price, market quantity, wage rate, and total surplus in equilibrium.
(c) Now suppose that the government imposes a unit excise tax of $1. What happens
to the equilibrium price, market quantity, and total surplus in this case?Microeconomics