IT entrepreneurship

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Exterior Security from the Office The medical institution is to be named St. Mary’s Hospital and will have 126 employees that will majorly work with the Information Technology perspective. One of the key aspects to ensure is the physical security of the premises. Fifteen employees will be directed towards this feature. The training of these employees will ensure increased safety of the other employees and the information in the medical office. The responsibility of these employees comprises the watching over of the exterior part of the facility. The employees are supposed to observe who goes through the gate and ensure that they run their identification cards through the laser machine present at the gate. The running of the identification card will ensure that their information gets fed into the system and thus accounting for their presence. Shifts are required in this sector and the job will be run by 10 employees during the day and vigilance taken over by the other 5 during the night. The importance of the shifts is to ensure that the workers get enough rest to keep watch at all times. Exterior Security at the Gates For the optimal results of this strategy, the Information Technology officers in the medical facility should communicate with the officers guarding the gates physically. The cooperation involves the security officers in the medical office informing the gate guards that they have recorded information about the visitors in their database and thus they have the freedom to access the facility. With this collaboration, there is the assurance of maximum security concerning the physical accessibility to the facility. Two physical security guards are required during the day that will bear professional IT gadgets to scan the cars and people that enter the facility. At night, the shift is taken over by two other employees. Reception Upon entrance into the facility, the visitors head straight to the reception area. This area involves around ten employees running the systems. At this point, the visitors offer their information such as the department that they are interested in visiting and feed the receptionists information on the purpose of their visit. After this, the receptionist responsible for the visitor feeds information into the database and includes data about the purpose of the visit. This information having location in the database system increases the security of the organization, fast service and optimal pleasure for the visitors. Internal Security Another responsibility taken is the assurance of security for the office internally. Despite the fact that the organization is small, security in terms of cameras is very important. There should be the employment of these cameras to ensure that activities run effectively without any form of hitches. Corruption is one of the components of many of the offices in the 21st century, due to this. the manager should allocate around 2 employees the responsibility of watching over the running of the organization through the cameras. Moreover, the camera reception should not only run by the security office but also a live feed should run to the manager’s office. It is also important to note that the manager should have at least two personal assistances that will assist in the coordination of phone calls and data running to the