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part 1Use the Internet to research and explore vulnerabilities that are related to TCP/IP (transmission control protocol/Internet protocol).In a 3–5-paragraph posting, provide the following information: Current vulnerabilities related to TCP/IP Countermeasures that address the vulnerabilities Recommended products for addressing TCP/IP vulnerabilitiesIf you have experience with TCP/IP, include your own experience and recommendations in this posting.part 2Choose five of the following topics related to perimeter security and prepare a 5 – 7 slide presentation on that topic. The slide presentation should contain speaker notes of at least 3 paragraphs for each slideto explain the subject further. Also, include a cover slide and a reference slide.Choose five of the following topics for the individual portion of the project: State-based filters Border routers Screened subnets Demilitarized zones (DMS) Intrusion prevention system (IPS) Intrusion detection system (IDS) Proxy firewalls Access control list filters Fail safe equipment Equipment redundancyThe individual presentation should include the following: An explanation of how the security method works Advantages and disadvantages of the chosen security Trade-offs for using the specific security Issues that are addressed by the security method chosen24/05/202075informationsystems