Issues Related to GMOs Consumption

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61500 The information regarding the safety of use of GM food is present in abundance. There are various publications, blog posts, journals articles and reports that shed a light on the subject. Naturally, the opinions are split in half with supporters and opponents of genetic engineering presenting their arguments and claiming their superiority. Presented below are the references for both sides of the debate. Pro-GMO sources. The Genetically Modified Foods: Harmful or Helpful? by Debora Whitman is the general and detailed overview of the current state of affairs regarding genetic engineering of foods and general reaction to it. The author presumes that genetically modified crops may represent the most robust solutions to the current food crisis. Yet, it will pose numerous challenges both scientific and ethical when developing a proper systematic approach to GMO in food. The main benefits and goals of genetic modification of crops are mentioned as well allowing the reader to develop a better understanding of a broader scope of the event. Whitman concludes that genetically modified foods do represent a solution to many problems and that their safety should be evaluated in each case and not by the merits of general assumptions.&nbsp. The report The Safety of Genetically Modified Foods Produced through Biotechnology delivered by the Society of Toxicology and published in the Toxicological Science journal gradually explains academic standards and procedures used to examine genetically modified foods.