Issues of International Development Africa Success Story at Risk

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Member of South African development community and serves as the headquarters of the regional organisation that has a market of 200 million people, it has invested highly of its budget in education and skill training, they have acceded the international conventions and strictly observed the internationally accepted guidelines and on combating money laundry (Todaro and Smith, 2015). South African countries have been rated Africa’s least corrupt countries, they also operate on fully liberated exchange control giving investor options to operate foreign currency, bank accounts, for smooth facilitation of international transactions. The approach gives a big advantage to international investors who want to explore different investment opportunities in the country and the region at large. Imports and exports become an easy job for any international investor. They are have been looking into easing the dependence of mining and have started encouraging its people to start doing other local business. They have also shown a lot of interest by getting the international financial service center which attracts investors who are ready to come and invest with them and create many opportunities such as jobs and new markets for her citizens. Over the centuries trade has changed from the traditional local trading to international trading this has led to people and organizations thinking and getting involved in multinational trading, for example, people leaving Europe to come and invest in mining in Botswana is one of those ways. But then they would have faced challenges in their distribution channels but to as time went by and technology grew things have been easier for these investors as argued by Todaro and Smith, (2015). In our case country, we see that they already have made this easy for then investors since they do not have to worry about the currency and bank transactions.