Islamophobia Influencing Muslim Women

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ed the natives’ minds to the extent once they see any Algerian in veil more so the women deem they are not up to any good, hence their intentions in the society are only to terrorize the natives. This inflicts fear among the natives that persist throughout natives generations. Since they while young undergo societal indoctrination meant to believe Islam has nothing better to instruct their followers except revenge more so against those who do not profess this religion. Hence, segregation remains, as an unceasing problem that persists in France not only fuelled by religious differences but also how global society view Muslims due to their terrorism acts.Segregation irrespective of the current state of globalization is still evident globally more so in France against the Muslim/Arab women who due to their culture (mode of dressing and religion) end up seen as of lower class and cause of societal predicaments like terrorism, hence greatly feared.The extent of segregation experienced especially in France against Arab/Muslim women usually descends from ungrounded hearsays, which former accounts by French scholars concerning Algeria used to relay (Scott 43). These include the backwardness of the people, which the racism perpetrators convey and believe, hence likening Algerian immigrants with blacks that had to undergo slavery. In most cases, this yields to the notion of regarding others of foreign origin as them whereas the natives us (Scott 45). Consequently, heightening the extent of fear despite those referred to as them is harmless. Based on this notion, the natives are better than the immigrants who due to varied reasons have found themselves in France where their families reside.Segregation assumes the form of religion, which perpetrators contend Koran teaches their congregation evil acts including fighting whereby their women are not even better (Scott 45). Such incidences of utter racism are evident in state’s registry offices whereby according to international laws more so human rights ought not to tolerate any form of segregation (Scott 43).