ISIS will Be Defeated

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The group has kidnapped, tortured and killed many people. The majority of the ISIS victims whose executions have touched the hearts of many have been Western journalists. Pilots have been cognizable victims of ISIS operations. The group beheaded Jordanian and Japanese pilots in the month of January 2015. The inhumane way that ISIS has been executing its captives and terrorizing societies alongside its fast spread have driven every world government in worry. Already strategies to fight and contain the group are advancing. The design, force, and combination of the UN strategies are promises of the defeat of ISIS in the near future.
One hope that ISIS is soon facing defeat relates to the realization of the whole world and great world powers that ISIS is a common enemy. Big global powers like the USA, UK, and the larger EU and Eastern powers have analyzed and realized that the group should not have any supporters. The group is terrorizing communities, races, religious believers and tribes without discrimination. The style of its operation and its fast spread across the world are surprisingly many. Every country feels the impacts of the group and wants to fight it to extinction. Already the USA, EU, and some Eastern countries have been conducting coalition attacks on the ISIS bases in Iraq, Iran, and Syria. The coalition provides good intelligence and logistics that assist in scaring of the ISIS. In the coalition, different parties play different roles that end up in helping to scare, scatter and suppress expansion plans of ISIS. For instance, the Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan with their intelligence, The Turkish Intelligence Organization, and Jordan are supplying intelligence information. Since the USA does not want to involve in ground operations, it has been using the intelligence to launch airstrikes.
The defeat of ISIS is also&nbsp.imminent with consideration to the way individual countries are intending to or are conducting offensive attacks against the group. Jordan is one of the countries bewildered by the ISIS act of beheading its air force pilot. As a result, Jordan has expressed its plan to start the third world war on ISIS. As a quick response to the beheading, the Jordanian government executed two terrorists it imprisoned, and whom the ISIS demanded release (Glint 43).&nbsp.