Is there in terms of Psycology a male brain and a female brain

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The scientists wanted to know the reason behind men ability to read maps better than women did and why women are better at remembering events and the aggression associated with men, which is not similar to women. Women are better in socialization unlike men. These issues made it mandatory for scientists to deny the allegations that all these differences were due to differences in the raising up of a boy and a girl (Brizendine, 2009). This essay provides the difference in structure and other scientific differences between a male and female brain that have been discovered over the years.Neural connections within the human brain on sex differences led to the University of Pennsylvania researchers to use diffusion tensor imaging technique. The research involved examining 400 men above 13 years and more than 500 women between the ages of 8 to 22 years to note the differences in their brain that make men to be more geared to perception and coordinated action than women are (Comer amp. Gould, 2010). The women were more sociable than men were. The results for this research proved that there are major differences in the structure of human brain based on gender. Women’s brain neutrons are more connected the right and left hemisphere of their brain that ensure socialization and better memory. The men’s brains have neutral communication within the hemisphere from frontal to real portions of the organ (Comer amp. Gould, 2010). These differences are the main causes of the different abilities associated with the different sexes.The right and left hemisphere that the women brain neutrons are connected to facilitate emotional ability and ability to infer interactions. The cortex in male’s brain on the other hand is central thus is in the cerebellum that is the main facilitator of perception and action. The different structures have been the main cause of different brain disorders associated with a majority of men and