Is the nuclear family a source of patriarchal oppression Justify your answer with reference to family life in Britain

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The reason is obvious, most of the family member grew up feeling that their parents’ way of running the family should be the only way to manage and train the children to be beneficial future community leaders (Koenig, 2013).Further, the nuclear family is characetised as the father holding unquestioned authority in the family. The wife’s role is to implement the husband’s instructions and to care for the child. The children’s role is to obey the instructions parents, especially the father’s instructions (Widmer, 2008).Furthermore, oppression occurs when one or more of the persons in the family hold unquestioned authority. In most Asian families and African families residing within the territorial boundaries of the United Kingdom, the prevalent type of family is the nuclear family. Consequently, the father will insulted if the other members of the family question the authority of the father, patriarch. Consequently, some quarters may call such unquestioned authority as a violation of the human right of the oppressed family members (Popenoe, 2011).In response, the oppressed family member or members can run to the United Kingdom family courts. The family court can intervene in the affairs of the family, including the nuclear family. The court intervention is granted by court. Some family disputes that reach the courts include inheritance issues. Another family related court intervention occurs when one of the family members is physically hurt (Day, 2002).Further, the patriarchal nuclear family is grounded on biblical history. The bible tells of stories where the father holds unquestioned authority over the family members. The family members grew up to accept society’s culture of oppressive fathers (Wilcox, 2004). The bible’s proverbs 13:24 states that if the father does not use the rod, punishment, to teach the