Is the French ban on headscarves (alhijab) in schools a good idea

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During the period of 2004, the government of France passed a legislation that disallowed individuals from wearing and using any religious symbol in public schools ( 1)1. This move made by the French government has been opposed as well as supported by Muslim and non-Muslim populations France. Around 80% of the people living in France have the ban on hijab (Coleman 1)2. Banning of Hijab is a good idea becauseThe ban on headscarf levied by the government of France is correct because such legislation is consistent with the laws and regulations of human rights. The article 18 of human rights law states that individuals should only be allowed to freely practice their religion if their practice does not coerce or leads to public’s feeling of insecurity ( 1)3. Recently, Muslims have been majorly held responsible for conducting acts of terrorism and due to this the public has started feeling insecure due to the presence of Muslims around them. Individuals even experience fear and mental torture when they see a Muslim female wearing a headscarf in the public. This fear of hijab is recognized as Islamophobia and islamophobia is infringing upon the rights of the student population of France to freely move around without the fear of being attacked ( 1)4. Since headscarf infringes upon other’s right of living a life without fear, headscarf’s are against the rules and regulations of human rights and should be continued to be banned in French schools.Another reason due to which France was correct in banning hijab in public schools was to protect the female Muslim student population from being coerced and discriminated against. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11 Muslims have been heavily discriminated against throughout the world. They are discriminated in organizations, schools as well as in public. They have been beaten up and pushed around in different settings.