Is Iran planning to build nuclear weapons See GI 2012 page 18 or GI 2013 page 203

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This show, Iran does not aim at building the stockpile that would be dangerous and hazardous to the global peace and regional security.The original traces come forth in form of the U.S supported government that was in place in Iran in the 1950s after a coup that took place in 1953 (Dabashi, p 73)). Although at that point, the United States of America facilitated it based on the need for civilian purposes, yet with time the role and intentions towards building this stockpile grew suspiciously awkward.In the post 1979 Iranian scenario, Iran has had a mixed reaction towards the acquisition of nuclear arsenal. Considering the Islamic outlook of the government, the official policy maintained by the government stated that the actions and building of the nuclear arsenal is against the values and spirit of Islam, for it causes direct damage and destruction to humanity, it therefore was officially declared that Iran does not aim following the nuclear ambitions (Parsi, p. 144).However, time and again the indications have been such that Iran is pursuing the silent acquiring of the nuclear stock pile. This has been reported number of times in the intelligence reports that have been collected based on the evidences and other factors through the works of the intelligence agencies.The large number of nuclear power plants and some of them are underground and have not been declared publically, this fact castes aspersion over the Iran’s intentions and brings about suspicion with regard to its actual motives behind the overall nuclear conundrum created. In the presence of such large number of nuclear power plants, one of the most critical one controversial one that has raised eye brows is that of Bushehr 1 reactor which has been built in association with Russia(Cordesman and Seitz¸p 219). It has been center of attention for the West and they suspect it is center to military