Is Corruption Something We Should Worry about

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Government or public sector corruptions define the corruptions in the government agencies political process. This involves misuse and wrong allocation of public funds for private gains. Political corruption defines the misuse of recourses or political power by police, elected political leader or government officials. Police corruptions are a particular form of misconduct done by police to have personal gains, financial benefits, career growth etc. The common form of police corruption is accepting bribes, flouting the code of conduct of police in securing the convictions of suspects. Judicial corruptions involve the corruption which is related to the misconduct of the judges. This process involves in giving improper sentencing to the criminals, receiving bribes, bias in hearing arguments etc. Union corruptions mean the use or domination of employee benefit plans or union for personal advantage or gain by using violent or illegal means. This is known as Labour racketeering.Corruption is there for a very long time and it will be present until some effective ways are discovered to combat it. Since corruption has very important effects for the growth of any nation it calls for worry. It has a different impact on nations and people. In politics, it influences the law and the democracy. In public organization, democratic system people may lose their right when some person among them uses the power for his personal interest. In economy, it has a strong impact on both the individual and community. Corruption can put any organization or nation in the extreme darkness (Jonge 48).Social – It discourages people to work together for a common cause as it influences them to fulfill their personal gains. It results in social inequality and widens the rich-poor gap in the society. Day by day the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. This results in the increase in poverty and lack of basic needs.