Irrigation Management and Globalization

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The author of the paper gives a 12-month implementation plan for good management. Management is an application of coordination in an organization to accomplish its mission and visions. This is necessary because the firm can attain maximum profits with minimum resources. Time management is utilizing the least time possible to achieve maximum production. Stress management is the act of a person controlling his stress level by participating in stress removal activities, like counseling. Effective management is the most important thing in the organization. it helps in time and stress management. The firm will achieve high results while the business will grow to great heights. There are many trends in management. These trends are the reasons for competitive markets in the world today. Managers put these trends into consideration and apply them in the environment of their business. Not all managers can cope with these trends because it requires efficiency. It needs management, which has a vision in its undertakings and is ready to face any risk ahead. This paper is going to highlight the current trends in management.
Various characteristics define good management. This is the base for effective management. An efficient manager provides the firm’s visions (Birkinshaw, 2013). An employee may provide a proposal that could lead to success, and it needs the hands of the manager to implement the idea. A good manager with vision will outline the importance of the idea and guide his firm on what to do.
Effective management brings clarity to the organization. They are the ones to lead by example. When a task is hard to be completed, the management has to bring in experts to help sort out the problem.
Believing is important for management to be effective. They should believe in the trends that affect management and apply them in their institutions. This gives confidence to other employees, and they will work&nbsp.feeling motivated (Birkinshaw, 2013).