Irans Nuclear Weapons

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Defiant, intimidating rhetoric by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a confirmed nuclear enrichment program and naval operations in the Persian Gulf all have acted to sound the alarm of imminent danger from that extremely volatile region of the world. The recent capture of British forces by Iran is simply another example of and the next step in that nation’s hostile intent. The U.S. and its ally Israel must address what the response will be to this nuclear threat and when it should be carried out. President Bush has already deployed two Carrier fleets to the Persian Gulf to beef-up U.S. presence in the region. It is doubtful that Bush or the Israelis, who bombed Iraq’s nuclear reactor into oblivion in 1981, will allow Iran the capability to produce, test, or use nuclear weaponry. The contention that Iran will not allow for nuclear inspections or halt its development of nuclear weapons unless it is forced has gained wide acceptance. The Iranian government must be convinced that it’s nuclear and military facilities will be destroyed before it would consider complying with international law and United Nations directives. Diplomatic efforts are not the answer as this will only forestall the inevitable and allow Iran to continue its nuclear aspirations which are gladly accommodated by North Korea, China, and Russia. According to three Israeli legislators,The United States and its allies must act to stop Iran’s nuclear programs, by force if necessary, because conventional diplomacy will not work (Sands, 2005). The lawmakers said that Israel would act on its own to stop Iran from obtaining or making nuclear armaments if because Iran will not be deterred by anything short of a threat of force, said National Union Party member Arieh Eldad who along with an Israeli delegation visited Washington to deliver this urgent message (Sands, 2005).Iran is not escalating the fanatical rhetoric or aggressive actions because it has benign intentions with its nuclear program. It has drawn a metaphorical line in the desert sand and is daring the U.S. and the world to cross.