Investigator Scenario

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Investigator Scenario As an investigator, my first crime scene would be the vandalized electronic shop while the second crime scene would be the abandoned approximately two miles from the first crime scene. According to the two crime scenes, the occupants of the abandoned vehicles are the main suspect of the burglary. The suspects abandoned the vehicle after it developed a mechanical problem. The Ipad boxes and computer cheques provide evidence that connects the vehicle with the robbery. This information serves as corpus evidence as it provides a basis for further investigations.
The two scenes pose a great risk to me as an investigator. Firstly, the culprits might have been armed robbers who may still be in the neighborhood during our investigations. Despite this risk, I will conduct my investigations professionally by applying forensic investigation technique of tire track (Joe and John 122). This process involves matching the tire patterns of the impounded vehicle’s tire with those at the first crime scene. The two tire patterns will be similar if and only if the impounded car was used by the suspects.
However, the impounded vehicle can only be subjected to a search if forensic investigations link it with the first crime. The vehicle can also be subjected to a search if its owner’s information match with those of the individual captured in the surveillance camera. The main suspect to this case would be the last users of the impounded car. The person captured in the surveillance camera also has a case to answer in connection to the robbery. Information contained in databases of vehicle registration authority and person’s registration authority would enable the police to arrest the suspects.
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