Investigative process/issues/challenges about Homicide

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Shortly before 1 am in the wee hours of the morning, the paramedics and firefighters were at the place of residence in order to help the situation after 911 was called by the husband, however, they found a completely different situation at hand. The paramedics performed necessary procedures including a CPR on Karina while they waited to reach the hospital and put her on life support for the next two days. Her critical condition was enough to alert the investigative department that the death was not a normal accident but an intended one. As per the account of prosecutor Claudine Ruiz, Karina Ditto was found to be covered in a pool of blood, unusual for a mere fall down the stairs. Furthermore, there was a gash on the back of her head as well as injuries suffered on her forehead, especially noticeable near the right temple. Not only the wife, but the husband David was also found to have severe scratches and minor injuries on his face which were thought to have occurred because of the victim fighting back in self-defense, noticing which one of the firefighters made the call to the police, concerned that the situation was more than a mere domestic injury. Investigation was conducted on the body of the victim after she was immediately taken to the hospital. there, the nurses have reported that many bruises and injuries were witnessed on the victim’s body and had caused detrimental effects on the physical health of the victim. According to them, Karina had bruises on her lip, scalp, jaw, tongue, chin, shoulders, arms, legs, and even had a fractured rib, giving proof that she had been manhandled extremely painfully. After having conducted a comprehensive research on the life of the Ditto couple, it was found that they had been married for a period of 16 years and that their life together had been so rocky that the wife, Karina, was on the verge of separating herself from her husband. The cause of death for Karina finally was a brain injury because of the lack of oxygen in her body, due to all the injuries that she had suffered, and not in fact a mere fall from the stairs. she was taken off life support after two days of being kept in the hospital and declared dead. The Ditto family also had two children and it was stated by the attorney Claudine Ruiz that David Ditto beat his wife again and again, kicked, stomped and choked her within the confines of their home, while the two children were sleeping upstairs. Ditto has been described as a control freak by the prosecutors meaning that he liked controlling everything within the power of his reach, especially his wife and children. He did not let them live as they pleased and posed restrictions on the kind of lifestyle that they lead. All these aspects had lead Karina Ditto to have the desire to break away from the marriage as they had been facing issues for over two years. In 2010 November, Karina had discussed separation with her husband and at the time, he applied for a life insurance policy on behalf of his wife, in case she suffered an accident, giving enough evidence that he was still trying to clutch onto her life. This was probably done so that he could have access to the money after she was dead and gone and he would have made her death look like an accident that occurred by falling off the