Inventory Management and Logistics Control at Pfizer

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Pfizer has an effective supply chain system to reach even the remote corners of the world. Pfizer is currently implementing a new supply chain management strategy all over the world. Instead of increasing internal networks, Pfizer is currently trying to reduce it. However, this strategy doesn’t mean that Pfizer’s logistics operations are causing problems to it. Pfizer is trying to reduce its own internal networks. at the same time, it increases its cooperation with local partners to maintain better records in logistics operations. It should be noted that globalization brought many changes in business management principles. Since Pfizer is operating globally, it needs the cooperation of the domestic partners to operate successfully in overseas countries. Since local partners have better knowledge about the local markets, it is better for Pfizer to give the responsibility of supply chain operations to local partners instead of doing it in its own ways. Pfizer is an American company which knows American business climate, culture and environment properly. However, same thing cannot be said about Pfizer in other countries. For example, being the most heavily populated countries in the world. India and China are huge markets for Pfizer. It is impossible for Pfizer to manage supply chain operations in these countries using its own capabilities. Since these markets are extremely diverse geographically and culturally, Pfizer needs the support from local partners to maintain good inventory all the time.