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Unemployment and lack of economic opportunities is a challenge that has been experienced in today’s world of work. In this regard, the national unemployment rate is defined by the percentage of Unemployment in the total labor force. This analysis is termed as the critical indicator of the performance of a countries labor market. A wide range of Unemployment symbolizes limited economies of scale as well as domestic growth.  Reduced economic opportunities and competence skills in the working environment may a dully cause of these challenges—factors such as inflation intimate Keynesian economic model that affects fiscal policy. The rate of Unemployment amongst the youth has been reported to increase with 10.4 % annually.  It has posed a risk in national growth and undeveloped labor market. Long term and short term effects of Unemployment have a massive impact on the rate of the ethical appliance. It causes financial problems and management challenges in the business world (Abigail Barr, 2016).