Introduction of Portable Water Purifiers in Malaysian Market

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For a good marketing strategy for the new products being introduced in new markets, it is essential that enterprises engage in a critical analysis of the targeted market or region (Paul 254). This is important because it helps the marketers of the product understand the market dynamics better for enhanced product positioning. As a general rule, a product is likely to sell if the conditions of the external environment are favourable for promotion purposes. The justification behind this is that for the product to be known and accepted in the market, there must be a promotion and adoption campaign. This paper identifies the Malaysian market for the purposes of introducing a portable water purifying gadget. The paper will, therefore, analyze the current situation of the foreign country in terms of the social, political, legal and environmental factors that might affect the introduction and promotion of the new product into the new market. This analysis will be conducted on a background of the various factors that may hinder the marketing campaign for the new product. To begin, it is important to identify the new product and the justifications for introducing it to the Malaysian market. The Portable Water Purifying System The portable water purifier is an innovative product developed for the purposes of ensuring that households and even travelling individuals have access to not only clean but safe water for consumption. Water is an important component of human development. However, although most people have improved access to relatively clean water in the developing and emerging economies today, there is still a problem of making sure that the water is pure and free from disease-causing germs. A sure way to eliminate this uncertainty is to have a portable ‘verification’ tool. This is the main reason why this purification gadget has been developed. With the size of a small torch, the purifier uses the ultraviolet ray technology to help purify water especially before drinking. In addition, the gadget is able to recharge using limited solar rays and therefore it is the surest way of creating purification capabilities to households and individuals even in remote areas that do not have access to other purification systems. Another advantage of the product is that it is relatively cheap and durable and hence can be used by many people regardless of their economic status. In addition, the product is user-friendly because just like a conventional torchlight, the portable purifier works with a slide switch that activates the beam of ultraviolet rays that are able to sterilize water within a couple of minutes before use. With this handheld simple but technologically inventive gadget, the safety of the user is assured. This is because it is able to eliminate the bacteria and other pathogens that may cause illness. This product is therefore suitable in areas that are continually faced with water shortage problems. It is a guarantee of an assisted elimination of illness related to water-borne diseases. It is able to purify water in a couple of minutes and therefore ideal for tourists who may not be sure of the water they have for consumption. It can also be used for relief assistance during humanitarian crises like floods to help eliminate the waterborne disease.Having reviewed the product on offer, it is important to look at the situation in the target country that may make this idea most appropriate.