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Life in English learning It was a wonderful experience to have started my writing life in of English 35. In the beginning, I struggled to improve my reading as well as writing as I could not express my ideas in writing. It was disastrous at that time. However, I considered myself fortunate to find some tutors who helped me to expand my writing and reading skills. Their incredible teaching abilities helped me in improving my writing skills and discovering the real topic about which I wanted to write. Without them, my writing life in English 35 would not be such colorful and joyful.The most important tutor who had influenced my English skills a lot is the Dictionary. It helped me immensely in my first assignment. It is not only my tutor but also my best friend. Whenever I have trouble in reading, it is always there to help me in understanding word by word in the context and even translate these words to my first language. So, I can understand the meaning of the articles, which I read, more easily. Furthermore, the most significant work it has done to me is pointing out the correct words which I require in my writing. Because of it, I am able to express my viewpoints more clear and explicit with elegant sentences.When I got my second essay assignment, I was out of any idea and information to write. I had never touched the area of political cheating. I could see that the evil of despair waving to me and calling me to its dark world. Fortunately, my heroic tutor came out from its digital kingdom and slew this evil. It is called the Search Engine. It can quickly find the information I want because it had broad connections to many experts all over the world. Mr. Engine is also like a history teacher. It knows all news that happened in the past. Therefore, I was able to get the information about politicians’ cheat. In addition, when I had difficulty using the citation into my essay, it provided me with many different citation styles and taught me about how to use them. It is definitely a great tutor when I need a fast source and instant live teaching for my writing.The last tutor that facilitated me is the father of Search Engine and is called the Library. It was the one which made me competent enough to finish my myth essay. It is old and slow but it has more knowledge than its son. It can explain things in specific detail. Because of Library’s support, I learned a lot of information about myth of horoscopes. It told me about who the ancestor of horoscopes was and why it was not true. Library also has taught me that writing a good essay requires strong resources to provide examples so that the essay can strongly convince readers about the writer’s ideas.Learning many techniques from my tutors has improved my writing skills. I have never known that a complete essay needs a lot of requirement. The more important thing is that Library’s explanation of horoscopes gained my curiosity in writing this myth. It is the first time when I really want to write something I am interested in. I believe my writing will become better and better if my tutors continue teaching me.