Intranet Functionality

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In a hospital setting, the intranet is essential in facilitating communication, information publishing, interaction, collaboration, and online administration, directions to and within the hospital, digital forms, as well as web-based and intranet-enabled medical resources (Ong et al., n.p.). Specifically, these are functions that facilitate a smooth operation within the hospital. thus eliminating the prospect of medical errors.
The intranet is an ideal platform to ensure effective and efficient communication within the firm. Precisely, the administration can use the web to post important memos or posters on various issues concerning the welfare of the workers or the patients. For example, it is important to pass email communication from the management to the workers (Ong et al., n.p.). In addition, it is appropriate for online administration where workers fill an activity for that record their daily duties including the time they arrived at the workstation and the time they left. However, for this to be effective, the intranet should be limited such that it is only accessible when an individual is within the hospital. The intranet is used for the other outlined activities to ensure proper communication. information sharing and interactions facilitate teamwork and improve the health care services within the firm (Ong et al., n.p.).
Based on the functions of the intranet and its importance in a hospital setting, its maintenance and updating require qualified personnel on IT and management related competence. Specifically, the department and individuals mandated with the maintenance of the database should have vast experience of the working of the organization or have an assistant who has worked with the firm for some time (Ong et al., n.p.). Since the database requires occasional updating to provide information about the daily activities of the organization, the ideal decision is to establish an IT department that deals with the maintenance and