Into the Wild (Book)

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Into the wild by Jon Krakauer Introduction ‘Into the wild’ has scenarios that can relate to the real world in which many people run away from their troubles. They do not like facing the matters at hand, but instead choose to run away as if it solves anything. In fact, it builds up more problems. The solution is not running away, it solves the problem on a firm ground. In my opinion, it is a coward action to run away from problems because it shows weakness and letdown. Problems will always be there, and so will solutions. Since a person cannot undo the wrongs he/she did, it is healthier to live with ones mistakes, correct them where they can. Nevertheless, a person should not let past mistakes define his/her life since they are not part of your life now (Krakauer, 80).
In the book, Chris’s time in the wild is described, about how he survived living inside a bus in the forest, alone and injured, having to fend for himself by hunting and collecting berries. He stayed in the forest for some time, reading a book of Doctor Zhirago. His life in the wild was not a smooth one, as he endure hardships, being that he was alone and hungry, and this made him weak. Chris died 112 days after he left home for the wild, and it took another 19 days for his body to be discovered. Chris’s mother feels the pain for her loss, and she will feel this pain for a long time, since it was her son who was found dead in the forest.
Chapter 13 shows how losing a loved one is a painful experience to endure. Losing a loved one is a terrible occurrence that can happen to anyone. The pain takes time to heal, and depending on the relationship that was present before the death, a person can take days to years for the pain to heal. The lack of acceptance about the loss is just but the start of a long journey of mourning and grief. The period of mourning and grief is important as it helps take the pain away from their minds. The scenario where the mother endures the death of her kid is an everyday occurrence. People die, their loved ones mourn, and only time tells whether they will move on with their lives or not (Krakauer, 97).
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