Interview summary and reflection

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Interview summary and reflection Summary The interviewee I selected is a former at Metro Academic and classical High School which is a public school at STL (Saint Louis). The reason I chose him is that being a former student he was perfect for providing me with the information I needed. STL public schools have a lot of programs for intellectuals and an environment that is open for all. They do not discriminate students whether you are black or white the services are the same.
The school has taken the initiative of providing a safe and secure environment for its students. The interviewee and his or her fellows had to undergo several security precautions before getting into school environment. For instance, the metal detectors in the gate which were compulsory to pass through and a backpack check. They were also supposed to empty the pockets, there cellphones were supposed to be off, cameras , security guards were available and they were not allowed to have scissors or plastic knives in school.
Visitors in school, they had to sign in first and be given a name tag which showed were they were going. The school community is highly affected by school violence as it disrupts learning. In STL the biggest safety threat to students was not physical but was verbal and through sexual assault ( Curtis, 2012). The best suitable punishment for students who violated any of the school rules and regulations should be suspended or expelled from the school community.
There some comments that the interviewee made and they surprised me a lot. For instance, for case of bullying which the interviewee said that it was verbal and through sexual assault. The sexual assault was committed by the vice president’s son who seems to contrary to people’s expectations. Thus why the girls were not able to report the issue yet they were suffering. I also learnt that STL schools have magnet schools which people need to have a test and they do not discriminate student based on race, ethnic groups or certain culture, but it is a home for all. If I had the opportunity again with the interviewee I would like to know whether the schools have security campaigns or trainings ( Curtis, 2012).
One assumption which the interviewer made was that he thought that the rules and measures the STL schools applied were not effective due to untrained security guards and some people got away with stuffs prohibited by the school. These an example of value assumption made by the interviewee. He made another assumption where he said the school environment was safe. This was a descriptive assumption which he made on behalf of his schoolmates.
The important significance or implication of my interview is that I have learnt that security in schools should be considered and the security guards employed should be well trained. In order to avoid school shooting the rules and regulations should be followed to the latter any person who violates the rules should face severe punishment or to some extent be expelled from the school. Lastly, the schools should employ any measure that will improve security in their environment like, appoint leaders from different cultures to hinder cultural disagreements in school.
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