Interview a nurse researcher

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Interviewing a Nurse Researcher The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit to interview anurse researcher. and (2) to further investigate the research process and explore the role of the nurse as researcher.Interviewing a Nurse Researcher The author managed to interview a clinical research nurse of a certain medical group. The name of the interviewee and employer are kept confidential to preserve the right of the subject to confidentiality. however, the nurse researcher provided essential information needed by the author. Nurse X had been participating in clinical type of research, a research which may directly or indirectly involve a particular person or group of people either by using materials, behaviors, or human tissue from humans that can be link to specific persons or group of people (Fitzpatrick amp. Ea, 2012, 44). Nurse X also stated as a clinical researcher, they always assure that confidentiality is upheld at all times and that they often participated in clinical trials. In a clinical trial or project, the clinical research nurse’s roles are to act as patient advocates and to ensure that the complex needs of patients participating in the research study are met. In addition, Nurse X also stated that their actions are geared towards efficient care following the federal and research regulations. Nurse X both use library and computer resources in every research endeavor. Computers are frequently used because of ease of access and various data bases. Measurements utilized are nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio levels of measurement while the statistics used range from frequency distribution, percentage distribution, analysis of variance, chi-square and others. Nurse X humbly told the author that as a novice, she had to undergo a lot of trainings and professional developments in order to become an expert in the field of clinical research. Aside from the minimal qualifications of registered nurse preparations, basic life support certification, and recent acute care experiences, Nurse X underwent trainings related to the enhancement of core competencies in terms of research process, evidence-based nursing, Institutional Regulatory Board policies, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as computer skills and electronic health record. Nurse X stated that students could learn how to be a competent researcher by using keying strategies in literature searching and by conducting a search of the basic steps in research prior to the study because Nurse X believe the a strong foundation in research would guide the student in effective and competent research. In the last part of the interview, the author asked the nurse of what were the difficulties she encountered during clinical research and how did the nurse manage the difficulties using research process itself.ReferenceFitzpatrick, J.J. amp. Ea, Emerson. (2012). Clinical Research Nurse. 201 Careers in Nursing (p. 44). New York: Springer Publishing Company, LLC.