Intership PAPER

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I was blessed with good people to work with who supported me throughout my internship.
The Creative Activity &amp. Fitness Center was established in 1990 initially as a play group for very young children. As the children grew up, more and more classes were offered to develop their creative skills such as workshops in Art, Music, Dance, etc. Parents were delighted to have a place to bring their children where they learn skills and enjoy at the same time. Over the years, the population of enrolees grew and more workshops were offered, that there was a need to expand the business. Enrolment to the center was like membership where parents renew their children’s membership in order to avail of the services and use the facilities. The owners bought the huge land beside it and built a larger dance studio, a swimming pool, a theatre for recitals and performances, a large playground and more rooms for the varied workshops offered. Because of the new facilities, the center has gained a great reputation and attracted more members since it now accepted teenagers and even adults. There are also workshops for adults such as Sculpting, Painting and Photography as well as some dance classes.
The center is busiest in the afternoons after school when the children come for their workshops and tutorial sessions and during summer when all the workshops are fully-booked. Currently, there are some playgroups and preschool classes offered in the mornings and day care service the whole day, with some night shifts for children whose parents work at night. Weekends are particularly heavy, as multiple workshops are ongoing for all age brackets as well as the use of the facilities is maximized.
The population of the members is comprised of various nationalities and ages. The center is staffed by about 50 people occupying positions in administration, teaching, public relations, program management, maintenance and security,