Internship in Energy Sector The Learnings

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Though I cannot claim to have been a cultural ambassador of sorts, it was nonetheless an enjoyable experience for me to serve as the bridge between two countries. As would be evident from the paper, my internship had lots of extracurricular activities that enriched my stay in Baku.My internship experience was done with an objective to further my understanding of the energy sector and refine my knowledge learned in college with real-life experience. Towards this end, I applied to many companies that were in the process of hiring interns. I specifically wanted to apply for companies that had an overseas presence as I felt that this was ideal for me to get a good grasp of what the industry was like abroad and how I could apply my learning’s from college to the internship. It was a two-way process that needed facilitation from both ends. From my side, I had to do a good job of seeking out fresh ideas and perspectives and from the employer’s perspective. they had to ensure that my internship was beneficial to their business objectives. Thus, it was a win-win situation for all concerned, provided both sides stuck to the objectives of the internship.After I was placed as an intern, I drew up a course of action with the manager who I would report to during the course of my internship. We agreed on some goals and objectives that were to be reviewed periodically and marked for completion as well as implementation. In the course of the discussion, we came up with several additional items apart from what was stated in the internship job description. These included things like the cultural exchange program in which I was toplay a prominent part. Further, the manager also wanted me to learn some software skills so that I could be of use in the up-gradation of their company’s website.