Internet and Its Effects on Education

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With the internet, it is also easier to get any information you may need. However, there are various communication options in the school set up in the given scenario and other options are more viable than the others. In the event that a school is attempting to set up a communication network, the following options are available but some have great advantages than the others. Blogs, wikis, threaded discussions, listservs, cell phones, and emails are some of the options available.

A blog is essentially an online journal or diary where one can post messages, photos, music, and video on their own mini-website. They have become very popular in recent years and are excellent for personal and up-to-date opinions and information. However, blogs cannot be used effectively for internal communication purposes by the school since they are designed to provide information about a particular person or company not for direct communication among members of staff, especially in this particular case.

Wikis are simple forms of websites that provide generalized information about any particular subject. For research purposes, they are quite helpful as they can provide information on any particular subject. However, though they are becoming popular these days, they, unfortunately, cannot be used as the official channel of communication in the school. They are used for the purpose of providing research information and other data, not for direct communication purposes.

Cell phones are very fast in terms of direct personal communication but the main disadvantage with this form of communication is the aspect of cost. The tariffs are high and exorbitant especially during peak hours which may be costly for the school to make this form of communication their official channel of communication during the business day. The cell phone would be proper and convenient to use during other periods especially when another member of the staff is away from the premises.