Internationalbusiness interview

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Another challenge comes in the scenario where a business is established in the home market, but would like to operate internationally while assisting the home market. The extension of the operations is faced by massive challenges in a turbulent operation environment where the exchange rates ad differential in the inflation values is different. (peng). 2. Recommendations for an American firm which wants to operate overseas As an expert, I would advise an American firm that wants to operate in an overseas country in the following manner. In the establishment of the business, they have to ensure that they know the kind of business they would wish to engage into. This depends on whether it is a green field project or a merger and acquisition. Then they have to study the rules and regulations that guide business operations in the target country. This is majorly to ensure that, immediately they establish the operations of the firm. there would be no conflicts in terms of laws and regulations which impacts negatively towards business operations. … fluence the formation of international business strategy in the company They construct a dynamic market entry strategy for the business Design an organizational and management strategy which highly responds to the changing needs of the consumers and the market environment The managers are also advised to be on the lookout in searching for competitive edge in the foreign market (peng) 3. Recommendations for a student who wants to develop a career in international business A student who wants to develop an international career in business has to ensure the following:- They have to ensure that they undertake relevant courses to ensure that they are well versed with international business. Such students must specify their career goals quite clearly as this would facilitate the choice they make in terms of the professions they intend to engage themselves in in the international arena. In their career choices, they have to learn on how to serve customers in the international markets and the strategic developments to take the businesses in the international arena. Concerning this they have to undertake courses like. strategic planning, government relations and policy analysis. A student interested in international business should carefully conduct a research on the potential job market, as well as a school of choice to do the course alongside the school’s reputation in the field prior to enrolling for an international business course. This allows one to choose the best career path and the best school to pursue it before they begin their studies. 4. Challenges when communicating tax policies and laws to someone from another country When communicating tax policies and laws to someone from another country there are a variety of challenges that the person explaining the