International Relations Officer Vice President of Administration and a Human Resource Manager

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The job of an international relations officer is interesting in several manners. The job responsibilities and duties involve establishing strong and firm relations with international delegates and influencedorganizations, developing and maintenance of databases related to the work, and tracking and monitoring of the same activities performed by other organizations. In addition, international relations officer is responsible to design effective strategies, utilize professional insight and knowledge in order to determine effective outputs for the projects yet to be employed (Segal, 2003). A number of organizations require IR officer to assist other departments for concrete development and growth within the organization, effective communication within the organization and outside the boundaries of the organization as well and take responsibility of coordination, development, maintenance, and growth of works assigned. The educational requirements for the job of international relation officer demand a bachelor’s/ diploma degree in the related field of international relations or more. Work experience is extremely important and crucial, as the job is very sensitive in nature. Most organizations require at least 5 years of experience of working in a reputed organization (Maxwell, 2005). Fundamental knowledge of business and international relations is very fruitful for this kind of job. Previous records of brilliant work history are extremely effective in getting a job for international relations officer. This job provides a working environment full of effective learning and skilled work experiences. The physical nature of the job is mainly the office work accompanied by international traveling at times. The international relations officer come across a number of local as well as international clients, that makes this job some more interesting and valuable. The working is normal as all the other offices, however, in urgent situations or busy days, the working hours can extend from the normal value (Damp, 2008).