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The paper also analyses the significance of the food industry and major factors forming and regulating the industry and the environment under which it experiences its gradual but continuous growth. The present study also makes SWOT analysis of the topic under study keeping in view cultural factors and global phenomenon within which the industry observes significant boost during the last century. The future trends and dimensions of the industry have also come in the fold of present study.International marketing refers to the carrying out and management of marketing activities in more than one country. In other words the term refers to the commercial transactions of the product of a company in international market for the consumers of other states along with the country where the product is being manufactured. The world has been transformed into the global village in the contemporary age where the activities in one part of the world are monitored and taken into account in all other parts of the globe too with keen interest. These activities have introduced new trends and dimensions in the changing market scenario. The companies also present their products for the consumers abroad by launching comprehensive campaigns regarding marketing and advertising to introduce before them the benefits these products contain. Western nations and especially the United States rely on thousands of independent enterprises to convert resources into desired goods and services. Moreover, these enterprises provide most of the initiative for improving and adapting the flow of goods and services to new wants. (Newman amp. Logan, 1976:1) Hence marketing research and plans have become essential parts of strategic analysis.ABC Food Company is one of the famous food brands of the USA, which has grown in an environment of perfect competition. The USA is famous for holding world-class food brands including McDonalds, KFC, HFC,