International Management and Ethics

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A predetermined number of World Cup-related ventures were under development and new tenders started to be issued for contracts fixing to development of venues for the 2022 events (Human Rights Watch, 2012). For the completion of such projects, Qatar needs an estimated 500,000 workers from across the world. Unfortunately, Qatar is being criticized by a number of people, sports lovers, labors and social classes for its poor labor laws and for many political and practical reasons. Soccer analysts, fans and experts from social classes have been criticizing the decision of awarding Qatar to host such a well-reputed and entertaining game. There are some other issues that are identified by soccer analysts such as corruption, cultural tensions,i.e. Strict rules regarding dress and behavior within the rules of Islamic religion and high temperature that reaches to 110 degrees regularly. However, the most terrible issue is the human rights law and records of the Qatar government regarding construction labors which are making it an ethically bad choice. In this report, we will address the ethical issue of Qatar as well as will find effective suggestions to resolve this issue according to international standards (, 2014).Now the ethical issue that has been widely discussed by different social classes and human rights organizations is the terrible working conditions of migrants across the country under which employers are exploited and abused workers regarding the free association and collective bargaining rights of labors. For about nine to eleven hours work time workers are getting wages of $8-$11 (Human Rights Watch, 2012). They have no proper place for living, no free access to health care, no free access to their passports and even water is not available to them without the permission of the supervisor at the workplace. In a small room where four labors are allowed to reside, there are 18 workers per room slept in bunk beds with no access todrinkable water and many rooms are windowless with no proper ventilation.