International Human Resource management

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The range of markets served by InterContinental Hotels Group span along the regions of America, Europe, American-European-African Nexus or AMEA and also encompasses Greater China. Total number of hotels encompassed by IHG in the global context range to 4,542 operating based on different brand portfolios (IGH-a, 2012). Current Global Position Pertaining to Global Ranking or Position IHG was found firstly to gain the award of Gifted Ranking in an evaluation made by the Digital IQ Index. The same Index related the hotel company to the Sixth Rank in comparison to around 52 other competing hotel brands (IHG-b, 2012). IHG’S Approach to Human Resource Management HRM in Hospitality IndustryThe recruitment of the people in the hospitality industries undergoes a process of evaluation of the personality traits and attributes of the individual to work in a challenging job atmosphere. Moreover the individual is subjected to different types of psychometric tests to understand the individual’s problem-solving and team building abilities. Similarly different types of amenities and benefits related to work-time flexibility along with bonuses and increments are rendered to motivate the individual. Opportunities for growth are framed through incorporation of training programs in the work culture along with encouraging the people to intercommunicate amongst each other. Moreover incorporation of a 360 Degree Appraisal Process coupled with Empowering Individuals to take managerial and strategic decisions and rewarding.