International fashion marketing

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Top shop has an international marketing department that is in charge of advertising the products in their areas of interest.I am part of the international marketing department for Top shop and our role is to make individuals aware of the products we sell, doing research on how to make more sales, identifying with the culture of the people in different countries, and using efficient advertisement means such as online operations to ensure that we reach all kinds of customers. This paper is going to discuss the benefits and cultural norms that need to be considered by Top shop when advertising in China, Japan, and United States of America. I will compare and contrast the requirements needed to establish successful markets in the three countries by discussing their cultural norms and beliefs that need to be considered when advertising different fashion commodities.The international marketing department for Top Shop is required to approach people with the respect they deserve to gain their attention. For instance, the when advertising in different countries, their cultural values and norms need to be considered in order to make them learn how to use the products and buy them.Choi (2012) stated that Chinese people have strict rules regarding their cultural values and their behavior and clothing depict their ancient traditional culture depending with the time and region. Advertising fashion products in China requires an individual to address the people with etiquette. Choi (2012) stated that family, social, and professional titles follow the name always rather than preceding it. It is discourteous to call people by their last names and first names, unless they are on familiar terms with you and when asked. The advertisers only need to use the surname followed by the title of the Chinese associates or friends when trying to introduce a product the customers.The Chinese people use handshakes as a form of