International Competitive Status and Cross Culture Management of Revlon Inc

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256250 It is evidently clear from the discussion that Revlon Inc.’s market share for cosmetics has dropped since 1998, and the company showed only one quarter as profitable from the last 8 years. The company’s growth started suffering in the 90s when the entire cosmetic industry sale to the retailers declined due to heavy competition. It is observed that the global cosmetic industry has been experiencing constant growth from 2009, but fall down in 2013. Revlon Inc.’s profits and income signifies that the company growth has been unstable. Revlon Inc. has developed its reputation in the cosmetic industry in areas like fragrance, skin care, and personal care. The company is also looking forward to business growth and various beneficial opportunities. The company’s data has given sufficient proof that in the near future, Revlon Inc. will grow positively and it will become the most valuable company as it was before. It is observed that company focus too much on profitability in personal care products. they should also support corporate social responsibility by sponsoring events for woman’s health issues. The decision for choosing Revlon Inc. was a rationale for the rise and fall of cosmetic industry came into knowledge. The cosmetic industries sale and distribution are spread among various different countries. There are huge competitors in this industry and Revlon Inc. plays an important part in this competition. They compete with the competitors in terms of net income, goodwill, brand name, social responsibility etc. Revlon Inc. in all these categories has played a very important role and at the same time, the company has ensured for constant growth and survival in the industry.