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Foreign or international aids play a very imperative role in the overall development of a country unless it gets utilized properly. International aid is mainly required in case of scarcity of economic resources or for any other natural restraint, when a country needs sufficient amount of foreign funds in the style of foreign aids to regain its position. Generally foreign or international aid is presented to reduce the deficit budgets, trade promotions along with strategic considerations. Other than this, Foreign or international aids are also offered in the form of economic, technical or military relief by one nation to another for the purpose of rehabilitation and support to make a real life difference. Not only this, foreign aids are also offered so as to present the opportunity to attain basic educational facilities to the poor children as well (Little Clifford, 2005). Due to such reasons, it is highly admired by the individual all round the world. There are mainly two types of aids like emergency and developmental aids. Emergency aids are those presented by varied nations to offer relief to the individual ruined due to natural calamity such as fire, drought, flood, sudden break out of epidemic and breaking of large boulders and many others. Apart from this, aids are also offered in case of developmental purposes as well. When a developmental country is trying to become developed, then varied types of aids are also offered to help the suffering individual of those countries (Little Clifford, 2005). These aids help in improving the condition and status of the individual in the developing countries and it is highly preferred by all of them. Discussion The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is one of the well-known international reliefs providing organization positioned in New York of USA. It was established in the year 1946 in the month of December. It is established in order to offer emergency relief and developmental support to the suffered families. It also works for the betterment of the poor and deprived families and mothers so as to improve their living conditions and economic standards. Therefore, these organizations are developed in order to improve and protect the families below poverty line and also to protect the rights of the small children as well. Almost 16 million individual became victimised due to the devastating drought that broke in Africa (UNICEF UK, n.d.). In 18th April, in the year 2000, a massive drought broke out in the eastern and southern parts of Africa in which numerous families and children became homeless and almost ruined (UNICEF UK, n.d.). At that time, in order to help those ruined families, UNICEF came forward. It offered varied types of reliefs such as money, clothes, food, medicines and safe drinking water facilities to those families and individual. Other than this, it also appealed for proper medicinal treatment for the children suffering varied types of trouble-some diseases (UNICEF UK, n.d.). Therefore, in order to treat these suffered individuals, UNICEF appealed for $1.7 million from both government and private donors. But they received only $ 500,000 to fulfil the basic needs like water, medicines, food, clothes and others. This helped in saving the lives of numerous suffered and diseased individual and children to